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Subject: The Healthy Diet Just for You


This may lighten your load, your mood and your step!

Location, Location, Location!

Now in less than 5-Minutes the time it takes to locate your next recipe, locate your next meal plan, locate your next ingredients.

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Any of this ever bug you?

You decide to start a new diet plan. You shop around, get ideas, talk to friends, family, co-workers, forum friends, chat room buddies…then you choose the one that sounds best and works within your budget and sign up.

Next comes the fun part of learning a new system. You count calories, track servings, buy special foods, hit the treadmill, plan meals around special recipes, weigh in regularly and log everything.

What happens over time?

Maybe some of these:
- You lose some weight.
- You gain some weight.
- The food choices start to bore you.
- You’d rather count sheep than calories and put the little weighing gadgets back in the drawer.
- Everyone who thought you could stand to shed a few pounds, even recommending diets for you to choose from, are now saying things that trip you up like, “Oh, you don’t need to loose any more weight.